The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

Hello 2009

2008 was an interesting year. We took the boys out to the Hill country Hyatt to relax and ring in the 2009. With 2 3-year olds, relaxing is usually not a term often used. But you can see that we all had a great time and just had some fun and enjoyed the hotel festivities. We look forward to a great new year with our new President.

6 legs are better than 2

Hanging on the porch

How can I have smore when i haven't had any to begin with (line from Sandlot)

Ready to party

You can't tell from here but we played some glow in the dark putt-putt

Carnival fun

Taking a break from mom and dad

We're running this table...NEXT!!!

It took us 3 years to have our first soda

Rounds on us

Mom had about 2 and a half minutes of a little R&R

Keeping warm by the fire

Outdoor fun

This is how I roll

Maddox bullying the big kids in to playing with him

Slow Down!!

I nice afternoon of playing ball with our boys, what could be better?

Nice swing Maddox,

Ok, here comes my heater, I dare you to hit it (another line from Sandlot)

09 is going to be awesome

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