The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

Maddox and Chase on TV

Maddox, Chase, Mom and Dad made an appearance on the local news last weekend. The story was about the NICU reunion that St. David's has for all the babies who spent time there. The event reunites the babies with all the wondeful doctors and nurses that helped save their lives. It truly was a great day for us. Thank you Maddox and Chase for being so strong, we love you.

Spring Fun

When the sun is shining, the boys are having a good time getting some good old fashioned grass stains. The boys enjoy running in the grass, bird watching and some occasional dirt eating. Enjoy the pics.

A rare shot of Maddox smiling at the camera

Chase get back here

Maddox looking cool at Zilker

Chase wants to run with the big boys

There's no holding them back at the playscape

Always playing together

Chase having a great time on a walk

Fine, but I am not going to smile

Happy Easter

Easter...the freezing rain, no sight of sun and below 50 degree temperatures. Despite all that, the boys had a wonderful Easter weekend. Maddox and Chase painted eggs, went to their first church mass and ran around hunting for eggs. It truly was a great day. The boys turned 17 months just before Easter and are just getting bigger everyday. We hope everyone had a great Easter and we looking forward to a great Spring. Please enjoy the Easter pics and keep coming back for more. And don't be shy, drop us a comment or two or just say hi.

The Easter bunny had to muscle up for the boys

Lots of toys and sugar for Maddox and Chase

Mom, Maddox took my shoe

We're going to be late Dad

I think I saw my basket

I'm ready to go, just as soon as I find my other shoe

Dad's favorite crew

Eggs, you better be here when I get back

Decorated eggs for all of us

Look Chase, there's more underneath

Open this now dada...please?

Stop eating the wrappers Chase

I know it's pink but there's jelly beans in here.

Taking a pause from all that hunting

Rats, no money in this one

What a great day

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