The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

Running Free

Maddox and Chase are enjoying the beginning of summer. Passing the 18-month old mark has allowed the boys to be let free in a Purell free world of fun. The boys are getting big, as you can see, and just love being outside and learning lots of new things. The latest news is that the boys are using words and learning more everyday. Dad was thrilled to hear Maddox say "Basketball" and Mom taught Chase the phrase "Don't touch!" We wonder why? Keep checking back for more Maddox and Chase adventures.

I see you Chase

I see you Maddox


I'm a good boy, right?

This is cool

I am going to do this all day

This is playground rocks

Nice calves Chase

Faster Chase, faster

This is too cool

You do it like this Chase

Maddox enjoying Friday night dinner

When do we lick the bowl?

The boys at their first movie...Shrek 3 of course

Maddox needed a refill after the movie

Mom can you buy me some Twizzlers?

Here is the first wallpaper for you to download. Guess who it is.


This was our second year for Team MaddoxnChase at the March of Dime's Walk America fund raiser. At this years event, Team MaddoxnChase got noticed. We had a good crowd of supporters and were looking official in our team shirts. It was a great day as the boys were able to do the walk with our family and friends. The March of Dimes does wonderful things for premature babies and as a thank you for helping our boys, we are committed to doing all we can to help the March of Dimes save even more babies lives. Enjoy the pics and we hope you join us next year, as it will be even better. Thank you to everyone who supported us this year. Maddox and Chase send you all big slobbers.

Getting ready for the Walk, bubbles always does the trick

The team

The boys and their pint size supporters

We get hot doags after the walk!!

Everyone knew Maddox and Chase were coming through

Making our way down Congress Ave.

Starting to get hot

Chase ready to finish up

This is more like it

The team intact near the finish
Maddox worked up a thirst

Can I have two more of these?

Mom and Dad proud as can be of thier boys

Mom goofing around

Mom with a piece of art with preemie foot prints
That's Maddox and Chase's prints


We just want to wish you a very happy Mother's day. We are so lucky to have you as a mom. You are the best! You take the best care of us and we could not have a more loving mom. Thank you for all the love and care you give to us and making sure that we are always happy. We promise to try and not fight with each other today, as you can see Maddox starts it, and give you a day of rest. Dad will do all the work around the house and change our diapers all day. We promise to only act up infront of him. Sit back and enjoy the day, you desrve it more than anyone we know.

We love you always,
Maddox and Chase

PS - Will you still carry me today? (This is Chase)

The boys not letting mom sleep in

Maddox having a good time

Look what we made you mom
Nice job pretending to be good

One of mom's Mother's Day gifts.

Hang them up now mom

Let me give you a big kiss mommy

I'll drive you around today

Maddox and his beautiful mom

We are going to spend every minute by your side

Wake up mom

Your mom is not a jungle gym

Dad is going to cook, right?
Mom rules

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