The Adventures of Maddox & Chase


Summer is here and Maddox and Chase have been doing their best to keep cool. The boys are now 5 months away from the big 3 year birthday. It is crazy. The boys are asking to swim daily and love to be outside with the water hose or sprinklers on. And as you will see we have a new addition to the family...a baby, yes...human, no. Stay tuned for the aquatic adventures of Maddox and Chase.

I guess that's one way to cool off

There, that's better

And here is the boys new baby sister, welcome PISA

Sometimes Maddox wishes he was a dog too

You will give me all the candy and ice cream you can buy

Park=Happy boys

Enjoying some time with mom

I could swing for hours

Who can go the highest?

Told you he wishes he was a dog

The boys tried a little sports class and liked the small student to coach ratio

Chase, we are over here

Go Chase, Go!

We are going to be fit

The boys went to Denton to see their uncle graduate and were able to jump on his trampoline

Boys will be boys

What a smile

Superfriends assemble. The boys and their cousins

Congrats Uncle AJ

March for MaddoxnChase

2008 was a special year for the March of Dimes annual March for Babies. As the ambassador family our family was able to help start the race with a few inspiring words and got to be front and center at the start line. It was a busy day but one we will never forget. Thanks to all who helped support or walk for TEAM MADDOXnCHASE.

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