The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

The boys take Port Aransas

Maddox and Chase enjoyed a nice weekend in Corpus and Port A. They loved the crashing waves and trying to make sand castles. Don't worry, Mom made sure they had plenty of sun screen. They have vowed to make the biggest sand castle you've ever seen next year.

Look, there's sand everywhere

I could be here all day

Doesn't taste as good as it looks

Take my picture Mom

What can I make for you?

Seagulls, cool

What a great day

Maddox and his cousin Julianna causing trouble

Chase and Julianna taking a break

Bike ride through Corpus

Does this thing go any faster?

Look at all those boats
Mom and her boys

Get him Chase

Lunch time

First Fiesta Texas visit

The boys made their first theme park trip to Six Flags. They had a blast getting on rides, playing games, but most of all the swim park. The boys had so much fun they stayed all day until closing. They can't wait to get back next summer and get on some bigger rides.

Our first carousel ride

Maddox and his buddy Noah

Chase and mom slide down for the 50th time

This is nice

Dad and his buddys

Can we stay longer?

Nice slide Maddox

Look at us Mom

Fatser, faster

Two tickets please

Sylvester and Bugs don't impress tired kids

What a blast, next year we ride some coasters

21 months

Wow, we just realized that the boys are 21 months today. We are so proud of our boys and are amazed at all the things they do. They are really starting to verbalize what they see and hear. Maddox is crazy about baseball and any other sport that involves a ball for him to throw and catch. Chase is too crafty for his own good. He seems to find a way to open, get in to, climb or work some electronic device. They have been enjoying the somewhat hot weather with some pool and park time. Hope you enjoy the pics and Maddox and Chase wish you a happy summer.

Enjoying a nice swim

Maddox ready to cannon ball

Cooling off on a hot day

Where are you going Chase?

Two monkeys jumping around

What should I do with this hose?

Stop it Maddox
Maddox rinsing off

This water is for babies

I'm going to get you ball


A baby shark is going to get us

What does this thing do?

Thsi is fun

Now I will make a Play•Doh pie

I wonde if the green Play•Doh tastes better than the white one?

Chase pulling his own weight

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