The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

Happy Turkey Day

Maddox and Chase had a great Thanksgiving. They had a fun week of arts and crafts, football and of course some turkey. We had lots to be thankful for this year, but we are especially thankful for our little turkeys. The boys are ready for Christmas and even helped Mom and Dad put up the tree, and only broke about 5 ornaments. As you can see they had a busy week. We hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and wish everyone a happy holiday season. Keep checking back for more holiday updates.

Our Turkey Day family photo

I'm going to eat turkey and I am going to look good

Howdy pilgrim

Where's the feast?

The boys version of Thanksgiving shopping

Stay inside the lines guys

Turkey day crafts from the boys

Maddox was good little elf

Chase was better at breaking ornaments rather than hanging them

Hanging at the Domain tree lighting event

Nice fireworks

Helping out at a March of Dimes event at the mall

Maddox pretending to be thirteen


Two-years old, are you kidding? It's true, our baby boys have officially thrown their hats into the toddler ring. We are amazed and proud of how the boys have grown the past two years. Aside from the obvious walking, running, jumping and climbing, Maddox and Chase have been doing things that amaze us. Maddox knows a bizillion words and throws around three- word sentences like he was born talking. Some of his favorite phrases are, "Where's the remote", "Where'd it go?" and Dad's favorite, "That's football--Texas--FIGHT!!!" Chase is and engineer in the making, he has already figured out how to work the DVD player, get out of baby proof door knob locks and jump baby gates. The boys love to play outside, play football, dance to music with Mom and best of all play together. They are truly little buddies, that fight, but love each other. We hope you have enjoyed keeping up with Maddox and Chase and we look forward to bringing you more Maddox and Chase adventures.

An appropriate cake for the boys

Come on Chase let's blow these babies out

Happy Birthday guys

It's cupcake time

Let's feast on chocolate
A birthday victory lap

Enjoying the fun

Our friends

What's a party without some bubbly

Beep, beep

Bubbles for everyone

If you are seeing this and contributed, THANKS!!

Chase loves balloons

It's Maddox and birthday Diego

The boys at Radijazz

It's your birthday, woo-hoo!

I'm big

On the count of three, wait, can you count to three?

Mom, you got to try this

What a great birthday week

The Itsy-Bitsy Spiders

This Halloween was a blast with the boys being mobile and truly understanding the concept of people giving away candy to little kids. We were so proud that they kept their costumes on the whole night and trick-o-treated past 8:00. The boys were sad to see all the Halloween decorations go but there are some other decorations going up real soon.

Those spiders wouldn't harm a fly

Maddox's first face-painting

Getting the pumpkins lit before the candy hunt begins

Pumpkin guts are tasty

This is my fifth lolipop you know?

Last piece, I swaer

Hollywood up to no good

Maddox and Chase go to sunny LA for a few days to take in some sun and fun. Despite the smoke-filled air from the fires : (, there was still lots of fun to be had. The boys did so-so for their first flight but had a great time being tourist and even spotted a few celebs. Enjoy the pics.

Look out LA, Maddox and Chase are in town

When in Rome...

Mr. Bones Pumpkin patch is where all the celeb babies go

Having a blast

Too many pumpkins to choose from

I think our airplane is leaving us

I am only going to do this once, so make it good

Taking in some dinner on the Sunset Strip

Chase, you have something on your lip

The boys were five seconds away from a Lohan encounter

Our hotel

Doing the tourist thing

Since Malibu was having a bonfire, we took in Manhattan Beach

This is awesome

Do I look like a "10"?

Say cheese

I could be here all day

If these cupcakes are good enough for Paris, they're good enough for us

Look Maddox, The Ivy has a kids menu

Mom can I have $150 for some jeans?

Chase sleeping like a rock star

View from our room

Let's get back to Texas

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