The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

School Daze

It's official, Maddox and Chase completed there first couple of weeks of school. We are so proud of them for being big boys and fitting right in. They didn't even cry, which sort of makes mom and dad sad and happy. They are loving their new school and meeting a bunch of new friends. We are sure it won't be long until they say they need a laptop to practice their numbers and vocabulary. Here are a few pics from their first day and pajama day. Next up...Turkey Day.

The boys new campus

First day jitters

This way mom


These paints look interesting

Chase jumps right in

Dinos, cool

I guess this place is cool

It's PJ party time

My art will be up there soon

Chase washing up


My mom bought these

Good-Bye terrible 2's????

Wow, three years already? We can not believe how fast time has flow by. From what we hear it gets easier at 3 years of age. We will have to wait and see about that. The boys turned 3 yesterday. Enjoy the pics and get ready for some...PRE-SCHOOL pics coming soon!

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