The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

Easter 09

The boys had a great Easter. They had a blast hunting for eggs and were super excited to get a visit from the Easter Bunny.

Try outs

I wish the boys were trying out for the UT baseball team, but for now just a few times around the bases will do. We took in the Longhorns first sunday game of the season. Dad was excited that the boys were able to run the bases while mom was happy the game ended in under 3 hours.

Born to rock around the clock...

Maddox and Chase enjoyed a cousin's Saturday night birthday party at Going bananas. They made a statement that they prefer old school hip-hop as well.


Maddox and Chase have been getting ready for Valentine's Day at school. Their school had a Sock-Hop themed party today and had a big Valentine's box decorating day earlier in the week. They did a little ceramic painting for Valentine's day. Interesting colored dinos they made.

They were more excited than this pic conveys


The kids seeing who is going to dance with who

Let's get this party started

Glitter, glue, scissors, stickers, what could be more fun

Nice job Chase

That's enough glitter glue Maddox

The final touches



Good evening Coach Garrido?

Hello 2009

2008 was an interesting year. We took the boys out to the Hill country Hyatt to relax and ring in the 2009. With 2 3-year olds, relaxing is usually not a term often used. But you can see that we all had a great time and just had some fun and enjoyed the hotel festivities. We look forward to a great new year with our new President.

6 legs are better than 2

Hanging on the porch

How can I have smore when i haven't had any to begin with (line from Sandlot)

Ready to party

You can't tell from here but we played some glow in the dark putt-putt

Carnival fun

Taking a break from mom and dad

We're running this table...NEXT!!!

It took us 3 years to have our first soda

Rounds on us

Mom had about 2 and a half minutes of a little R&R

Keeping warm by the fire

Outdoor fun

This is how I roll

Maddox bullying the big kids in to playing with him

Slow Down!!

I nice afternoon of playing ball with our boys, what could be better?

Nice swing Maddox,

Ok, here comes my heater, I dare you to hit it (another line from Sandlot)

09 is going to be awesome

Tag, you're it!

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