The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

Hello Summer

Summer is here and the boys are taking full advantage of the sunny days. Maddox and Chase are almost 20 months old. We can't believe it either. Here are some of the latest images of the boys just having fun. With the swim season just about in full swing, be sure to check back for some aquatic adventures of Maddox and Chase.

Why can't we eat rocks again mom

Like this Chase

Can't eat about a stick

Does this thing go any faster?


The boys not letting Dad sleep in on Father's Day

The boys make Dad feel like king

Maddox helping Dad with the all you can eat ribs

Mom and her Chasey

What do you think of Dad maddox?

Too long of a ride

Cutting some rug. Go Maddox!

It's way too ealry for a picture

Ready for a ball game

Where's the basement?

First summer swim day

Dad and Maddox at Mom's birthday lunch

Is that our food?

Happy Birthday to mom...

Maddox wasting no time with some cake

Is that your second piece Chase?

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