The Adventures of Maddox & Chase


With the MLB All -Star game and Home Run Derby behind us, Maddox shows us some of his baseball skills. Kid's not even 3 yet. Early retirement here we come.

Having a blast

The big summer holiday has come and gone marking the midway point of summer. Here are a few of the exciting things Maddox and Chase are up to these days. We promise to update on a more regular basis so keep checking back for more pics and news.

The 4th kicked off with a little parade watching in the neighborhood

Chips and the flag, what could be more patriotic

Where did my hot dog go?

Then it was off to a trip for some fireworks. Thanks mom and dad for foregoing the firework ban just for us.

Our first bowling experience. Spare me Maddox.

Maddox ran in to an old buddy in S.A.

Mom can i get out of this floatie now?

We dunked our dad

No horse playing in the water

Faster mom, faster.

25th time down the slide and it keeps getting better

I love La Cantera

Me too!

Summer also means our dear mom's birthday

A slice for every year old mom is

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