The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

Happy Valentine's Day

Maddox and Chase hope everyone had a great Valentine, we sure did.

Where's the candy?
Maddox strikes a pose
Hanging with dad
The Build-A-Bear experience
How to pick the perfect bear
I want this one
Can I get one too?
Football bears, grrrrr
Mom showing some love for her boys
A heart-shaped pizza just for us

Homecoming Day

FEB 5, 2007—It was year ago that both our boys were home with us at last. Super Bowl Sunday will always have a special meaning for us. Here are some pics of our little guys enjoying the game.

Maddox geting his gameday outfit on
Chase killing some time before the game
Maddox was sure the bears would win
But Chase had faith in Payton
Halftime refreshments
The boys were much more exciting to watch than the commercials
What a day, nothing like relaxing in some Spidey PJs

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