The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

Jan 2007

New Year, New Blog! Sorry to those of you who have not been able to get your Maddox and Chase fix. The old blog was shut down: ( So a new blog has been born. Keep checking back to see our boys grow and please forward this on to anyone who you think would enjoy this site.

Maddox and Chase

First sight of sun in a week and the boys where excited

Wonder if he's having fun?

The dual swing

Faster mom, faster

Guess who the shadow belongs to

The boys meet their freind's new puppy, Maddox was a little nervous

Chase loves the puppy

The boys with new haircuts

The boys first snow sighting

The boys actually posing for a pic

Hello 2007

The boys were treated to a well-deserved weekend at the Hill Country Hyatt for New Year Eve weekend.

Happy New Year

Do I have to wear this?

Time: 12:00am, PARTY TIME!!!

Taking in the evening festivities

Happy Birthday Dad, we love you

What a relaxing way to end the year

Chase enjoying his first slide, nice form

Maddox looks like a pro

Now don't get dirty

Mom and her boys

Chase lounging on the porch


this is nice

Winter 2006

Maddox, Spiderman...Spiderman, Maddox

These new bath towels are nice

Two boys, 10,000 toys

The perfect bib for eating cookies

Our little family

Mom and Chase taking in the lights at Zilker

The boys riding in their sled

Maddox under the lights

Smile Chase

Maddox and his holiday threads

Mom and Chase looking jolly...ok, maybe just mom

Look Dad, more paper

Dibs maddox

This is nice, thanks mom and dad

This is the coolest thing i've ever seen

Ready for Santa

We can atually tear stuff up? Cool

Dad and Chase take a break from the gifts

Just what I always wanted!

I hope these are for us

Santa better like these, my mom and dad baked all day for these

Mr. Sandman 1, Santa 0

I love Christmas

Presents are awesome

Where are all my presents at?

Keeping warm by the fire

Pantless Maddox and Chase

Perfect pic to show Chase's first date

Chase, you look funny in those

Maddox visiting dad at work

Santa getting his money worth

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