The Adventures of Maddox & Chase

KAOS & MAYHEM (Maddox and Chase)

There is a rare phrase that we hear from time to time when people realize that we have twin boys..."You must have your hands full." As cliché as it is, it is so true. Here are a ton of random pics of Maddox and Chase. The boys are approaching the big 3rd Birthday...yikes! We can't believe how time is flying by. Enjoy.

Nice to know you MAC

That must be some good ice cream

Starting the day with some cereal

Now we are ready to divide and conquer

Boxers or briefs



Go away TMZ

Must be a toy commercial

Maddox knows who the man is

Having fun at MyGym class

Game Time

Our baby girl loves football too

Siesta time

Getting our learn on

You need to get your elbow up like this Chase

Won't these gloves make me hit a home run?

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